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Editing for independent authors


I offer a copy-editing service for independent fiction authors. I can help make short stories ready for submission. The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) has a helpful description of what a copy-editor does.

In my work on short stories I aim to catch the majority of typos and spelling errors. I will flag anomalies and ambiguities and offer advice on how to resolve them. I keep an eye on your timeline and I will make sure your hero doesn’t suddenly acquire an extra child, or sprint on a broken leg. I will also flag up any potential legal problems.

On or before an agreed date you will receive from me a Word document with tracked changes and comments. You should go through this to take in my recommendations and make any decisions required.

Please note, I am not presently taking book-length projects. 

Picture credit: Flickr/silentmind8